Apis Growth Fund II Announces Investment in Ezra

Apis Growth Fund II (the “Fund”), a private equity fund managed by Apis Partners LLP (“Apis Partners”), a UK-based asset manager that supports growth-stage  financial services and financial infrastructure businesses, has announced its investment in Ezra.

Ezra partners with leading financial institutions and platforms – such as mobile wallets, mobile  networks, utilities and e-commerce companies – to offer a wide range of customized lending  products including cash loans, token advances, airtime credits and device financing to their clients,  all based on a single integration. These partnerships empower tens of millions of consumers and  entrepreneurs in financially underserved markets through innovative credit solutions, allowing them  to instantly borrow from a few cents to a few hundred dollars. 

Ezra has built strategic partnerships in more than 20 countries in Africa by using its state-of-the art predictive analytics and technology which offer rapid integration and high performance. It serves 40m+ unique users monthly and processes 2 billion+ of micro-loans annually. Partners get access  to a world-class fully managed solution: product design, advanced risk scoring, loan management  and a customer value management platform, allowing them to reach scale and profitability in no  time. 

As a result of this new investment, Ezra plans to accelerate its geographical expansion, growth and talent acquisition. It will focus on targeted new segments, particularly SMEs, which are the  backbone of emerging markets’ economies and are still financially underserved.  

The Fund invested in Ezra based on its exceptional potential for wallet share expansion and the clear opportunity to increase disbursements and revenues via its proprietary data sets. This enables  Ezra to create unique digital loan products to meet the needs of the financially underserved  population. This foundation has been built over the years on Ezra’s deep data and client moats and is supported by a proprietary technology stack, resulting in the ability to instantly underwrite  credit more accurately and efficiently. 

Matteo Stefanel – Co-founder and Managing Partner at Apis Partners: “We are thrilled to be  part of Ezra’s journey; it is extremely rewarding to experience first-hand how embedded finance solutions can promote sustainable growth both for individuals and SMEs whilst enabling its partners  to better serve their customers.” 

Udayan Goyal – Co-founder and Managing Partner at Apis Partners: “Ezra empowers  underserved consumers though embedded finance which is aligned with the Apis vision of creating  impact. We believe the Fund’s investment will accelerate the company’s growth further, and we  look forward to working with Erwan and the team through our investment in the company”. 

Erwan Gelebart – CEO at Ezra: “At Ezra, we work hard to financially empower people who have  historically been denied access to essential financial services, to uplift their lives and businesses. I  am delighted that Apis has recognized our commitment to greater financial inclusion; I now look  forward to working with the Apis team and building further upon Ezra’s global reputation for  excellence”.

About Apis Partners

The Apis Group (“Apis”) is an ESGI-native global private equity and venture capital asset manager  that supports growth-stage financial services and financial infrastructure businesses by providing  them with catalytic growth equity capital. Collectively Apis, through its team of approximately 40  professionals with deep industry expertise, manages or advises on total committed capital from  investors (including drawn and invested capital) of US$1.2 billion. Including its headquarters in  London, Apis has representation in eight countries across Europe, Asia, and Africa. 

Apis is highly conscious of the developmental impact that the provision of growth capital for  financial services and financial infrastructure businesses in growth markets can achieve, and as  such, financial inclusion is a core tenet of Apis’ approach and investment mandate. Apis became a  signatory to the United Nations backed Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI) upon  inception of the firm in 2014. https://apis.pe 

About Ezra

Ezra is a leading microlending fintech which partners with banks, mobile network operators, utility  companies, and e-commerce platforms to deliver “easy and rapid” credit solutions in financially  underserved markets. Its integration provides partners with credit solutions that can be adapted to  each business’s individual needs. Moreover, its robust and proprietary credit scoring system allows  Ezra to ensure that at least 60% of its partners’ end consumers are eligible for a loan. 

Ezra is on a mission to contribute to financial inclusion in emerging markets. https://ezra.world