Our products.

Tailor-made solutions with transformative impact.

Benefit from either tailored or off-the-shelf solutions - the choice is yours.

Whether you’re interested in Airtime Credit Services (ACS), Cash Loans – or both – our comprehensive range of ready-made and customisable products will meet your customers’ evolving needs.

Throughout the development and deployment process, we take into account the relevant regulatory challenges, local market conditions, and the competitive environment in which each of our partners operates.

From product creation to campaign and post-launch support, and from end user assistance to monitoring and reporting, we’re with you every step of the way.

Off the Shelf

Ready-made products, with no compromise on quality. Our off the shelf solutions are ready to launch in as little as 12 weeks.


We work closely with each of our partners to develop a thorough understanding of their unique needs. This allows us to design and deliver tailored credit products which optimize customer activity and eligibility.

Our Products

Cash loans

Increase customer satisfaction and retention with easy and rapid micro lending solutions.

Buy now pay later

Help your customers to spread the cost by paying for a range of services in instalments.

Token Advance
Services (TAS)

Keep your customers topped up, 24/7.

Device financing

Empower your customers to access smartphone technology, with flexible payment tenures.

Advance/Airtime Credit
Services (ACS)

Credit solutions that keep your customers connected - even when they run out of credit.


Enable your customers to access emergency funds, when and wherever they need it.

Revolving credit

The benefits of a credit card, in a mobile wallet.


Increase customer adoption, with improved interest rates and shorter reward tenures.

What sets Ezra apart?

Proprietary scoring engine

We leverage alternative data and machine learning to power our proprietary scoring engine. This means that we can accurately and efficiently score more people in more markets – whether or not they have a credit history.

Comprehensive solutions,
from a single partner

We provide a full suite of customisable products, including Airtime Credit Services (ACS) and Cash Loans, to help you manage and grow your portfolio.

More opportunities, at minimal risk - and no CapEx or OpEx required

When you partner with Ezra, you can reap the benefits of lending solutions at little to no risk to your business. We do the legwork, deliver your ideal product, and carry therisk – so you can focus onyour customers.

Value-added services

We are more than just a lending partner - we also provide full-service aftercare and additional services.

End user support

We can provide ongoing assistance with the product’s Customer Care Interface.

Technical support

We are here to help with troubleshooting and any technical assistance you may need.

Customer value management

We can help you to assess the ongoing efficacy and value of your lending products.

Data and model security

We continually assess the security risks associated with a machine learning model lifecycle. These include: data confidentiality; transfer learning attacks; system manipulation; data poisoning; and adversarial examples.

Reporting and

We can assist you with insight-building and rigorous reporting.

Product monitoring
and reporting

We continue to monitor and report on an ongoing basis. This is to promote long-term product success and support adaptability to various internal and external factors, such as systems issues and economic crise.


“Ezra fully understands the lending business and worked closely with us to align their services to our business needs with ongoing tweaks and iterations to meet performance goals. The Ezra team work fluidly to adapt and accommodate technical changes as a result of nuances across both platforms, whilst also jointly assessing how we can mitigate risk and manage operational issues.”

Touch N Go

Orange Money has partnered with Ezra and Access Bank Botswana to launch Botswana’s first Nano Loan product enabling convenient access to affordable real time credit. We are very pleased at the performance and growth of N’stakolle Loan Product and as such we recommend Ezra’s expertise for similar undertakings.

Orange Money

“I am happy to provide a recommendation for Ezra. Ezra provides airtime credit service to customers of Airtel Kenya. We confirm that they discharge their obligations well and hereby recommend them as a service provider for airtime credit service.”


“Access Bank has been working with Ezra for the past five years. The mobile based Nano Loan is the first of its kind in Mozambique, allowing customers of all levels of society to access financial services. We’ve successfully performed four million transactions in the past year alone. We would recommend Ezra Services Ltd for any similar undertaking in any geography that they choose to operate in.”


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