Ezra – Supporting partners to increase financial inclusion across the world

For too long, financial credit services have been inaccessible and overcomplicated, especially for people living in underbanked and financially underserved countries. Ezra has created a solution that provides businesses across the world with the ability to offer their customers simple, easy and rapid access to loans as well as other solutions, such as working capital for SMEs. 

At Ezra, our mission is to help our partners improve financial inclusion in markets where people have traditionally been excluded. We provide our clients with a range of credit solutions with one simple and easy integration with their platforms.

While our brand is new, it is built upon 12 years of success. It was born from a group of companies that are already leading the way in the Fintech world, including DTOne and Thunes. Ezra has curated the perfect team of financial and technical experts who are ready to deliver our global mission.

What do we offer?

We offer a unique, fully managed integration which provides our partners with a suite of credit products that can be adapted to the individual needs of each business. 

From token (airtime, electricity) advance services; to instant cash loans services; to consumers or SMEs, we provide a wide scope of credit solutions so that end users can take charge of their personal finances and feel supported and empowered by our partners. As a result, Ezra boasts 35 million monthly active users across 20 countries, and last year we granted more than $1.6 billion worth of loans.

Who do we serve?

Our simple yet sophisticated technology allows us to serve a huge range of businesses with risk-free and hassle-free credit lending. We primarily operate within Africa and Asia, but our technology can be used worldwide.

Our partners include, but are not limited to: mobile wallets; fintech; banks; telecommunication companies and utility companies. To learn more about how we can help your business, please click here.

What makes us unique?

Our technology is easy to implement and rapid to deploy, so you can take your lending solutions – such as airtime and bundle credit or mobile device financing – to market in as little as 6 weeks. Our robust and fine-tuned credit scoring engine predicts your customers’ behaviour, allowing us to approve the vast majority of target users effectively and responsibly. We keep repayments very healthy, observing a 97% repayment rate within 90 days.  

Our expert team has created and developed unique scoring models that will enable banked and underbanked users to successfully apply for loans, with customer profiles tailored to specific markets. However, our algorithms and proprietary credit scoring technology mean we can accurately profile millions of customers without a credit history, and deliver instant loan decisions to millions at little to no risk. Generally, with our credit scoring system we ensure that at least 60% of your consumers are eligible for digital loans.

At Ezra, we have mastered the art of providing tailored credit solutions to match your unique business ecosystem and strategic priorities.

It really is easy with Ezra. 

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