Five reasons why Ezra is your credit solution gamechanger

In the current economic climate, selecting the right credit solution partner is especially important. The potential financial uncertainties and challenges that lie ahead require a strategic partnership that may cushion – or even stem – the impact of any economic downturns, or other adverse financial consequences.

So, how can you be sure that you’re investing in the right credit solutions for your business? Read on to learn five reasons why Ezra is the best embedded lending platform on the market today.

What is Ezra?

We are a credit solutions provider, on a mission to improve financial inclusion for all. We do this by providing easy and rapid embedded lending solutions for our partners, particularly those who operate in emerging markets. From banks to e-commerce platforms, and from utility companies to mobile network operators, through our partners we grant financially underserved and excluded consumers around the world access to a range of credit solutions.

Why are we different?


1. We understand your customers 

Our system cannot be found anywhere else – and it was built with your customers in mind. 

Unlike our competitors, who operate pre-built credit scoring engines, we have invested time and expertise to develop a bespoke, fine-tuned system which better meets the needs of our global partners. 

Our unique algorithm accurately profiles millions of consumers without a credit history and predicts their behaviour more effectively than ever before. We can therefore deliver instant loan decisions to millions of new, previously underserved customers, at little to no risk. Furthermore, our scoring system ensures that at least 60% of our partners’ end consumers are eligible for a loan.

Today we serve 35 million users each month across 20 countries, and with more than $1.6 billion worth of loans provided last year, we are helping more people than ever before to participate in the global economy.

 2. Customisable solutions, tailored to your business

At Ezra, we don’t take a cookie-cutter approach to client solutions. Every business is different, and we work hard to make sure that we work for you. We ensure this by running pilot programmes for every prospective partner. We then demonstrate the projected returns, profits and a proof of concept. 

So, whatever lending products you require, and wherever they need to be deployed, a partnership with Ezra will meet the needs of your business.

 3. Low-risk For You, Hassle-Free For Your Customers

Ezra is able to absorb 50% or more of the credit risk, depending on appetite. And, from granting nano loans to device financing, our credit-scoring engine ensures that our profiling is done accurately and responsibly. Because of this, we have observed an average repayment rate of 97% within 90 days of credit receipt.

4. Cost-Effective Implementation

Ezra was created to build opportunities for your customers and to add value to your business. The Ezra solution guarantees no capital or operational expense for your business so you can focus on growing your company and increasing profitsOur platform is easy to implement and rapid to deploy, allowing our partners to take their lending solutions to market in as little as six weeks. Moreover, it allows for seamless integration into existing systems, meaning less downtime and fewer associated costs.

A partnership with Ezra represents value for money on investment.

5. Powered by People that Care

Ezra was founded with two simple beliefs in mind: firstly, that with the right help and investment, anyone can become someone. This is the vision that drives our work, and the reason that we are proud of Ezra’s success to date. 

Secondly, that it should be easy for businesses to offer seamless credit solutions worldwide. Historically, this has been a needlessly complex process. Today, when you integrate with Ezra, you are opening your business up to a new range of customers. In turn, you are opening those customers up to a new world of financial opportunities. And when individuals prosper, so do the markets within which they live and operate. Together, we have the potential to transform the future of financial accessibility – for good. 

All this, with a premium service and low-risk guarantee. 

Get in touch today to find out more about how we can grow your business.