Meet The Team: Dinko Svetic – VP of Growth (Anglophone Africa)

At Ezra, our goal is to improve financial inclusion for all. Meet the people behind our brand, who are making this possible.

Dinko Svetic is our VP Growth (Anglophone Africa). He talks products, people, and what makes Ezra unique.

What does your role involve?

In simple terms, it’s a blend of business development, account management, and strategic partnerships. The team and I search for new partnership opportunities by pitching our solutions to a targeted set of potential partners (including telcos, wallets and banks), where we believe and know certain pain points exist that Ezra can solve. We also manage and nurture existing accounts and partnerships, to deliver growth.

How is Ezra making a difference in emerging markets?

Ezra has a rich portfolio of products, and a brilliant product team that will look at exactly what a specific market needs. This enables Ezra to add value in almost any setting, for all stakeholders. This is what makes us unique.          

What has been your most notable experience whilst working at Ezra?

The daily experience of managing a team is an invaluable experience. I’m proud of how they can work together and independently, whether I’m there or not.

What do you enjoy most about working at Ezra?

The people within our company. We have built a team that came from pretty much all verticals of businesses that we would normally work with, to enable the financial services that we build. That, plus their fun personalities, is what makes the whole experience a great one.

Why should someone work at Ezra?

If you are comfortable with taking on the big fish (sharks) in our industry, then Ezra is the right place to be. At Ezra, you also have the opportunity to contribute to the creation of products that don’t yet exist, but should.