Flexibility and financial security for your customers, and further opportunities for your business.

Our Overdraft solution provides a financial safety net for your customers, enabling them to address short-term cash flow gaps simply and securely.

Expand and elevate your product portfolio, whilst fostering customer loyalty and diversifying your revenue streams, with Ezra’s Overdraft solution.

Product features

Improve financial inclusion

Help your customers to build their credit score, access a broader range of financial services, and participate in the wider economy


Help your customers to keep on top of their Overdraft, and promote a proactive approach to financial management

More upselling opportunities

Promote wider product penetration – Overdrafts are an ideal entry point to other financial products and services


Gain deeper insights into Overdraft usage patterns, and benefit from Machine Learning-based product optimisation

Fast delivery, for enhanced
customer satisfaction

It takes just seconds from loan
application to loan disbursement.

Who can use the

Financial Institutions

Hit your financial inclusion targets and help more customers to access secure short-term credit

Mobile Wallet Operators

Help your customers to bridge short-term income gaps and manage unexpected costs

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worth of loans processed


“Ezra fully understands the lending business and worked closely with us to align their services to our business needs with ongoing tweaks and iterations to meet performance goals. The Ezra team work fluidly to adapt and accommodate technical changes as a result of nuances across both platforms, whilst also jointly assessing how we can mitigate risk and manage operational issues.”

Touch N Go

Orange Money has partnered with Ezra and Access Bank Botswana to launch Botswana’s first Nano Loan product enabling convenient access to affordable real time credit. We are very pleased at the performance and growth of N’stakolle Loan Product and as such we recommend Ezra’s expertise for similar undertakings.

Orange Money

“I am happy to provide a recommendation for Ezra. Ezra provides airtime credit service to customers of Airtel Kenya. We confirm that they discharge their obligations well and hereby recommend them as a service provider for airtime credit service.”


“Access Bank has been working with Ezra for the past five years. The mobile based Nano Loan is the first of its kind in Mozambique, allowing customers of all levels of society to access financial services. We’ve successfully performed four million transactions in the past year alone. We would recommend Ezra Services Ltd for any similar undertaking in any geography that they choose to operate in.”


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