Ezra and Mobile Money Operators

Across the world, Mobile Money Operators and their customers are benefiting from Ezra’s easy, rapid, and robust lending solutions. 

Read on to learn more about what makes Ezra’s approach unique, and how our fully customisable products can help your brand to grow, and provide access to credit for more customers than ever before. 

What is Ezra?

We’re a micro-lending fintech which is on a mission to contribute to financial inclusion in emerging and developing economies. Our products are designed to help those who have traditionally been financially underserved or excluded to securely and responsibly access a range of credit solutions, regardless of whether or not they have a credit history. 

What makes Ezra different?

We leverage alternative data to build out a thorough understanding of your customers, and we also work closely with each of our partners to develop a thorough understanding of their unique needs. This allows us to design and deliver bespoke credit products which optimise customer activity and eligibility – so that you can easily and rapidly grow customer loyalty, and also expand your reach.

We’re a people-first fintech, with our partners – and their consumers – at the heart. No matter the product, we manage the risk, process, and complexities. And, from product creation to launch campaign and post-launch support, we’re with you every step of the way.

All this, ready to launch in as little as 12 weeks.

Our products for Mobile Money Operators:

Nano Loans Instant, flexible, and convenient lending, tailored to each customer and delivered in a single user flow

Buy Now Pay Later Higher eligibility rates, lower repayment fees, and better bundle deals

Savings Increase customer adoption, with improved interest rates and shorter reward tenures 

Overdraft Solutions Fast and flexible lending

Revolving Credit The benefits of a credit card, in a mobile wallet 

Device Financing Increase device sales and drive mobile money adoption, with flexible device payment terms 

Airtime Credit Instant and secure multi-channel lending, with personalised credit limits

Our stats at a glance:

10m+ monthly active mobile wallet users 

2bn instant loans processed

20m+ customers scored 

100 mobile money operators

To learn more about our lending solutions for Mobile Money Operators, get in touch today.