Ezra: Innovative credit solutions for a more inclusive world

You may have come across Ezra before – and you may even have seen our products in action, without realising it. But what is Ezra? How do our products work? And why? Read on to find out more.

24 countries 
10 million+ transactions processed daily 
40 million+ monthly active users 
120 million+ customers scored monthly 
$1.6 billion+ worth of loans processed

Ezra: Who we are

Ezra is a leading microlending fintech which provides B2B credit solutions for financial institutions and service providers, primarily in emerging markets. It was founded in 2011, with one core purpose: to deliver lending products which improve financial inclusion and access to economic opportunity for all. 

It is part of TransferTo, a group of fintech companies which – along with sister brands DTOne and Thunes – share Ezra’s core commitment to transformation through innovation. 

Ezra: What we do

Ezra designs, develops, and delivers tailored, end-to-end lending products. We partner with Banks and Neo Banks, Mobile Money Operators, and Telecommunications and Utility Providers, to deliver fast and effective embedded lending solutions.

From initial scope to post-launch and ongoing aftercare, we support our partners at every stage of the product lifecycle. 

Our solutions are white-label and can be built to be fully bespoke, to seamlessly integrate with our partners’ existing digital platforms. 

Ezra: Why we do it

Research from the World Bank shows that, by 2021, 71% of adults in developing economies had achieved account ownership (via a regulated institution such as a bank or mobile money account).

However, for financially underserved and underbanked individuals, huge levels of economic inequality remain – particularly when it comes to accessing credit quickly, conveniently, and securely. And lack of access often hits certain groups, such as women, informal workers, and MSMEs, harder. For example, it’s estimated that globally, women-owned small businesses face

a credit gap of $1.7 trillion, which limits their ability to grow their businesses. From schooling to entrepreneurial opportunities, access to lending through a regulated institution can transform the livelihoods of millions throughout emerging markets. It also gives individuals the opportunity to build their credit scores, and result in even greater access to finance in the future.

Ezra’s focus on improving financial inclusion means that we build products with purpose. Our solutions focus on serving the needs of financially underserved and underbanked communities, to help more people in more places to safely access credit products that meet their needs.

Ezra: How we work

So, how are we able to accurately profile and assess risk for financially underserved, underbanked, and even unbanked individuals? Our solution lies in alternative data.

We score millions of customers every day and maintain the lowest bad debt rate in the industry. This is thanks in part to our non-conventional scoring algorithms.

Our proprietary credit scoring engine generates credit scores for customers by leveraging data from non-traditional sources, so that we can accurately and efficiently score more people in more markets – whether or not they have a credit history. This allows us to build out enriched customer profiles for millions more consumers, to enable them to borrow money in real-time. 

Plus, the machine learning-based infrastructure of our credit scoring engine continues to evolve with – and adapt to – the shifting habits of their customers, to ensure fast and accurate profiling at every stage of the product life cycle.

Why work with Ezra?

Here’s why we are the lendtech partner of choice for leading brands:

  • Low-risk, high-reward business models Reap the benefits of lending solutions at little to no risk to your business. 
  • Comprehensive solutions, from a single partner We provide a full suite of customisable products, including Airtime Credit Services (ACS) and Cash Loans, to help you manage and grow your portfolio. 
  • A full-service offering We are more than just a lending service – we are also a strategic partner. From product design, to post-launch care, to end-user support and value-added services, we are there to support you throughout the product lifecycle. 
  • Our expertise Our team members come from across the world – and each individual brings extensive market knowledge in launching successful credit products for leading brands.
  • Bespoke or off-the-shelf solutions – the choice is yours 

Whichever you choose, we run thorough product workshops with each of our partners to

determine how our products can optimise both eligibility and profitability. We also move

quickly and efficiently, which means that your product can be ready to launch in as little

as 12 weeks. 

Interested in learning more? We’d love to hear from you. Contact us today