An introduction to our product portfolio

Explore our full range of products, how they work, and which solution is the right one for you and your customers. 

Today, Ezra helps individuals and small-to-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in more than 24 countries access fast, simple, and responsible credit solutions. From cash to merchant loans, we are on a mission to design, develop, and deliver products which improve financial inclusion throughout emerging markets (and there are even more products in the pipeline).

How do Ezra’s products work?

Our proprietary scoring engine leverages alternative data and machine learning, to give a wider range of individuals the opportunity to apply for a loan – whether or not they have a credit history. This means that we can accurately profile millions of people each month, many of whom may have been previously financially underserved. In 2022 alone, we were able to process two billion loan applications in emerging markets across the world.

Bespoke vs. Off-the-shelf

When it comes to designing our products, we provide our partners with two approaches:

Bespoke: We work closely with each of our partners to develop a thorough understanding of their unique needs. This allows us to create products which optimise customer activity and eligibility. 

Off-the-shelf: Ready-made products, with no compromise on quality. Our off-the-shelf solutions are ready to launch in as little as 12 weeks.

Read on to learn more about our suite of lending solutions: 

Cash loans

What is a cash loan? 

A cash loan allows an individual to borrow money from a lender and receive it one of two ways: either in physical cash, or as a direct deposit into their bank or mobile wallet account. They can then pay back the borrowed amount, often with interest, over a specified period of time.

Who are Ezra’s Cash Loans for? 

Financial Institutions and Mobile Wallet Operators can leverage our Cash Loans solution. 

Why integrate Ezra’s Cash Loans solution?

Boost retention: Our products can be designed with short tenures, to better align with the income cycles of your customers. Greater convenience for your customers, greater opportunities for your business. 

Increase loyalty: Build customer trust with transparent lending products. We ensure that our Cash Loans follow simple pricing structures so that your customers know exactly how much they’re borrowing, what the interest rate is, and when payment is due.

Speed: Upon successful application, your customers can receive their cash loan in a matter of moments. 

Cash Loans in action

We partnered with MPesa to develop a Cash Loans solution – take a look here

Token Advance Loans

What is a token advance loan? 

A token advance loan enables customers to either pre-pay for – or top up – a utility meter or system by purchasing digital tokens.

Who is Ezra’s Token Advance Loans for? 

Our Token Advance Loans solution has been designed for Utility Providers.

Why integrate Ezra’s Token Advance Loans solution?

Foster inclusion: Ezra’s Token Advance Loans products enable your customers to access essential utility services when they need them most. It allows them to top up their meters at any time – even when they have no balance in their account. This can help keep households powered and SMEs afloat. 

Minimal risk: Depending on the appetite of our partner, Ezra can carry the majority of the loan risk.

Enhanced customer experience: We can work with you to design an optimal user journey for this product, with a simple, real-time interface.

Airtime Credit Services (ACS)

What is ACS? 

ACS is a way for people to add credit or money to their prepaid mobile phone accounts. It allows them to make calls, send text messages, and use mobile data – even if they don’t have enough money in their account.

Who is Ezra’s ACS for? 

Our ACS is for Mobile Network Operators. 

Why integrate Ezra’s ACS solution?

Automated service: We push ACS in real-time, so your customers don’t need to worry about getting cut off mid-call. 

Grow retention: Enhance your customer experience with convenient data and voice combo bundles.

Increase Average Revenue Per Customer (ARPU): Help your customers keep track of their balance with instant notifications that drive network usage.

ACS in action

Ezra partnered with Airtel to provide ACS – take a look here.

Line Of Credit (LoC)

What is a LoC? 

Like a credit card, Line of Credit provides your customers with a financial safety net which can be used to cover unexpected costs. It enables your customers to access a flexible financial resource, that they can tap into when they need it most. 

Who is Ezra’s LoC for? 

Why integrate Ezra’s LoC solution?

Greater customer convenience: Your customers can access funds as and when they need them, with no obligation to spend the entire credit limit at once, for a more flexible lending experience. 

Speed: Fast approval, and fast access to funds, to foster customer retention.  

Grow your reach: Give more financially underserved individuals the opportunity to build or enhance their credit scores.

Merchant Loans

What is a merchant loan? 

A merchant – or agent – loan enables a business to quickly and easily access capital. This type of loan can be used for a range of purposes, such as being invested back into the business or used to cover expenses. The loan is then repaid through a portion of future sales, to better accommodate the ups and downs of business.

Who is Ezra’s Merchant Loans for? 

Why integrate Ezra’s Merchant Loans solution?

Boost satisfaction: Provide your business customers with flexible repayment structures which are pegged to their revenue, to provide greater peace of mind.

Higher approval rates: Enable your customers to access loans based on their sales history and potential future revenue. 

Expand your reach: Merchant Loans provide an easy application process, without the need for extensive collateral or credit history. 

If you would like to learn more about Ezra’s range of lending products, please contact us today.