Airtel Africa.


Airtel Africa is one of Africa’s leading pan-African telecommunication companies. It provides mobile, voice, and data services to more than 128 million customers in 14 countries.

Partner Requirements

Airtel Africa required a solution that could:
• Increase average revenue per user (ARPU)
• Improve access to digital top-up and credit services for its customers
• Increase the uptake in telecommunication and value-added services to subscribers
• Grow service penetration in target markets
• Drive customer loyalty
• Serve millions of users across multiple countries

The challenge

Across all markets in Africa, around 99% of Airtel Africa’s subscribers were on a prepaid service. This meant that they needed to top up before using any telecommunication services.

However, on a daily basis up to 30% of its subscribers were out of credit, without access to convenient digital payment methods, and unable to obtain an airtime or data credit loan.

This is compounded by the fact that many Airtel Africa customers had more than one network operator SIM card, which was leading to the dilution of subscriber spending on their network.

These challenges were identified by Airtel Africa as problems that would ultimately impact its long-term growth.

The solution

Ezra worked with Airtel Africa across five of its markets to develop and deliver Airtel Advance, a new mobile top-up credit service.

It was designed to meet Airtel Africa’s risk appetite for digital lending, and the result was a low-risk proposition with no requirement for upfront capital.

Ezra then integrated its proprietary scoring algorithm and customer profiling engine with Airtel Africa’s existing channels, to deliver instant access to mobile credit advances to subscribers.

Ezra also worked with Airtel Africa to design the product’s customer experience. World-class UI and UX approaches that leveraged campaign management tools were implemented, to boost adoption of Airtel Africa’s product. The platform also ensured repayment reminders were sent at the right time, and on the right channel to relevant users.


customers scored


subscriber eligibility rate for mobile credit loans

The results

350 million customers scored
95% subscriber eligibility rate for mobile credit loans
12 weeks from concept to launch

After launching Airtel Advance, Airtel Africa significantly increased ARPU, with industry-leading monthly uptake rates in its target markets, thanks to high user interest in the product. With a subscriber eligibility rate of up to 95%, the company achieved the highest monthly uptake rates in the industry without exposing itself to financial risk.

It also helped the Airtel Africa to boost market penetration, and increased the distribution of its telecommunication and value-added services across its markets.

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