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Ezra Announces the Appointment of its Chief Risk Officer

The appointment is a key milestone in Ezra’s ambitious expansion plan to support the financially underserved in emerging economies. Ezra, the microlending fintech which provides ‘easy and rapid’ credit solutions across Africa and emerging markets, has announced the appointment of Andrew Goodrich as its Chief Risk Officer. This appointment is a key milestone in Ezra’s ambitious expansion […]

How to make Africa’s mobile money boom work for your business

In many emerging markets, mobile money has become the most popular method for conducting financial transactions. Africa leads this trend, with mobile money playing a significant role in shaping economies across the continent. In this article we explore the continued rise of mobile money in Africa, and examine its impact on the region – as […]

Apis Growth Fund II Announces Investment in Ezra

Apis Growth Fund II (the “Fund”), a private equity fund managed by Apis Partners LLP (“Apis Partners”), a UK-based asset manager that supports growth-stage  financial services and financial infrastructure businesses, has announced its investment in Ezra. Ezra partners with leading financial institutions and platforms – such as mobile wallets, mobile  networks, utilities and e-commerce companies – […]

Ezra – Supporting partners to increase financial inclusion across the world

For too long, financial credit services have been inaccessible and overcomplicated, especially for people living in underbanked and financially underserved countries. Ezra has created a solution that provides businesses across the world with the ability to offer their customers simple, easy and rapid access to loans as well as other solutions, such as working capital […]

Financial inclusion: how credit scoring can help level the playing field

Digital technology is powering a more interconnected world. However, lack of access to credit solutions remains a pressing issue for many, particularly those in financially underserved and excluded regions. But what can be done to address this imbalance? In this article, we explore how Ezra is empowering its partners to provide financial freedom to more […]

Five reasons why Ezra is your credit solution gamechanger

In the current economic climate, selecting the right credit solution partner is especially important. The potential financial uncertainties and challenges that lie ahead require a strategic partnership that may cushion – or even stem – the impact of any economic downturns, or other adverse financial consequences. So, how can you be sure that you’re investing […]